Implement the myAtoi(string s) function, which converts a string to a 32-bit signed integer (similar to C/C++'s atoi function).

The algorithm for myAtoi(string s) is as follows:

  1. Read in and ignore any leading whitespace.
  2. Check if the next character (if not already at the end of the string) is…


There are some spherical balloons taped onto a flat wall that represents the XY-plane. The balloons are represented as a 2D integer array points where points[i] = [xstart, xend] denotes a balloon whose horizontal diameter stretches between xstart and xend. …


Given an integer array nums and an integer k, return the length of the shortest non-empty subarray of nums with a sum of at least k. If there is no such subarray, return -1.

A subarray is a contiguous part of an array.

Example 1:

Input: nums = [1]…


You are given the root node of a binary search tree (BST) and a value to insert into the tree. Return the root node of the BST after the insertion. It is guaranteed that the new value does not exist in the original BST.

Notice that there may exist…


Given the root of a binary tree, imagine yourself standing on the right side of it, return the values of the nodes you can see ordered from top to bottom.

Example 1:

Input: root = [1,2,3,null,5,null,4]
Output: [1,3,4]

Example 2:

Input: root = [1,null,3]
Output: [1,3]

Example 3:

Input: root = []
Output: []


  • The number of nodes in the tree is in the range [0, 100].
  • -100 <= Node.val <= 100


  1. need to check all the route and track the depth on each node. Starting on the most right node.

2. check the answer list size and the current depth, if it’s equal add it into the answer list

Given an array of meeting time intervals intervals where intervals[i] = [starti, endi], return the minimum number of conference rooms required.

Example 1:

Input: intervals = [[0,30],[5,10],[15,20]]
Output: 2

Example 2:

Input: intervals = [[7,10],[2,4]]
Output: 1


  • 1 <= intervals.length <= 104
  • 0 <= starti < endi <= 106

Gary Chiang

CS new grad, 6 years experience related to supply chain management. Located in Bay area

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