Leetcode 764. Largest Plus Sign

Input: n = 5, mines = [[4,2]]
Output: 2
Explanation: In the above grid, the largest plus sign can only be of order 2. One of them is shown.
Input: n = 1, mines = [[0,0]]
Output: 0
Explanation: There is no plus sign, so return 0.
  • 1 <= n <= 500
  • 1 <= mines.length <= 5000
  • 0 <= xi, yi < n
  • All the pairs (xi, yi) are unique.
  1. find the largest PLUS sign, return the length from plus heart to plus arm
  2. create a new matrix, and fill all of them into 1, change mines to 0
  3. loop through the matrix, and if we see 0, change the matrix[i][j] into 0
  4. catch the max result at the end of the loop



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Gary Chiang

Gary Chiang

CS new grad, 6 years experience related to supply chain management. Located in Bay area